Univeral Janitorial LLC

We strictly believe we can help your company with its’ cleaning
and maintenance needs, no matter how diverse.

Universal Janitorial LLC. has designed programs to service many types of businesses. We will customize a cleaning program designed specifically for you and your business. Let us visit your place of business and give you our professional opinion.

Universal Janitorial's programs offer a detailed and professional approach. Contact us to discuss how we can work together to satisfy you and your tenants’ needs.

We at Universal Janitorial specialize in office and other commercial carpet cleaning techniques. Unlike other carpet cleaners, we a prepared to safely clean all kinds of carpets in offices, stores, doctors’ offices, buildings and more. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done whether it be a 1,000 square foot office or a 40,000 square foot multi-story building.

Although vinyl floors can be extremely durable, we at Universal Janitorial know they need proper maintenance to preserve their resilience and shine. Without this proper maintenance vinyl floors lose their shine, develop wax buildup, yellow discoloration, scratches and abrasions. We provide stripping, sealing and waxing to restore the look of your floor. To keep your floors looking their best, we can provide regular maintenance which includes high-speed buffing and periodic scrubbing and re-coating.